why we do

what we do

Every member of the Caedence team is captivated by music — with its power to move, connect, and transcend. This shared love of music helped us realize the world needed a single platform that makes performing easier and more rewarding.

But the love doesn’t stop at music itself. We love musicians too. We believe everyone should be able to give incredible performances, and we want to empower musicians to reach higher levels of creative expression. We also want to give people back their precious time and energy. Finally, we want to foster a worldwide community of musicians and fans who support, inspire, and amaze one another.

meet the

We’re musicians and fans, just like you, making software for people who play music. Get to know us. Maybe we can jam sometime!

Jeff Bernett

Founder & CEO

Jeff is a musician, producer, digital marketer, and vintage synth enthusiast.

Demetri Dillard


Demetri is an app developer who also spins records under the moniker “DJ Meech”.

Anton Friant

CCO & Brand Director

Anton is a designer & brand strategist by day and a pedal nerd by night.

Terrance Schubring

Lead Developer

Terrance is a digital product developer, audio engineer, and multi-instrumentalist.

Jon Voth


Jon is a creative technologist, web developer, guitarist, and bassist.